Thursday, 8 July 2010

Wir sind Berliners (for 4 days)

Me and Rich went to Berlin last week for our summer holiday. We left his house at 3am to catch our plane and arrived at around 11am at the loft we were staying in. It was so Berlin! A huge white room at the top of an industrial block, the lowers floors of which were alive 24 hours a day with workers galvanizing metal.

We went up the TV Tower which gave us lovely views of the city and we spotted our loft. You could see everything up there!

Then Tamsin and Mel leant us their bikes and we went on two wheels from there...

Tamsin lives on the fifth floor in a lovely white flat in south Kreutzberg. We got pretty hot cycling there on the most humid evening, then smoked on the balcony and watched the sun setting. We walked around the corner to a bar for a €2 dinner, then to an authentic German corner pub, complete with a tree in the middle. There was a one-eyed man sitting at the fruit machines who was in all the photos on the wall. He sang a German drinking song to us but we left after one drink!

Berlin beer

Next day was art day...

We went for mexican food in the evening and Mel was there with a frozen cocktail. She had broken her leg the week before at Fusion Festival and had a bright pink cast on. We went slowly to another bar but it was time to go home by 12. We of course went to the photo automat on the way home! I will scan those soon.

The last day we ate humongous ice creams in the Neues Museum.

I think I fell in love with Berlin. Last time I went it was February and too cold to think. The summer is amazing - it was 36 degrees! It reminds me of East London - a little bit run-down and unpolished, graffiti everywhere and quite a young city. I'm going back.

By the way these are Rich's photos! His blog is at

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